Bathroom Bill

Who the fuck is Bathroom Bill and how do we make him go away


As a ten-year-old, I had everything figured out. I knew more about any given topic than anyone else, including professionals who had been performing their job for years. Just like every other ten-year-old, I also knew a lot more about life than my parents.

“Well if I don’t get my way, I’ll just stand here in my doorway until you agree with me!” I yelled at my mother. “I’ll stand here all night, if I have to!”

She, of course, walked into another room, while I stood there.

And stood.

…and stood.

It was pretty boring, but I was making a point, right? Really holding the moral high ground in an argument I no longer recall. Sticking to my guns. Look at what an upstanding person I was! Such backbone, wow.

… if schools don’t knuckle down to force girls showering with boys and force 8-year-old girls to have to endure boys coming into their bathroom, [Barack Obama is] taking money from the poorest of the poor.

— Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick on turning down federal money in order to prevent transgender students from using the bathroom of the gender they identify with.

As an adult, I realize that standing in my own doorway only hurt me. It was silly to blame my mom for a decision that I made, out of my own misunderstanding and ignorance. Being the petulant child I was at the time, I kept standing there. I was so angry with my mom, because she couldn’t see how bored I was of being right (she had long since moved on).




Eventually, my dad came home and laughed at me. After that, I never angrily stood in my own doorway again. Only a child blames someone else for the consequences of their own actions.


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